Galerie Antiquités Rouget De Lisle
Galerie Antiquités Rouget De Lisle


Jean Gaston COINDRE (Besançon 1844-1914) Watercolor

Watercolor (25/34 cm) (42.5 / 51.5 cm with the frame) Signed and dated 1882.
If the drawings and wash of the talented Coindre are numerous, the watercolors are rare and even exceptional.
In a soft palette, it offers a corner of Franche-Comté that he has drawn so much.
He was a long time curator of the Museum of Salins-les-Bains (Jura). Without any certainty, could we locate this house, as we propose the background, with the feet of the forts of this city.

Longitud : 38 cm
Altura : 46 cm

Categoría : Paintings
Estilo : Art Moderne

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