Art-Deco exhibition showcase signed HAAS in Nancy.

Display cabinet of the house "HAAS". It opens with two sliding doors in front locking (original lock)
And discover inside 3 removable shelves and adjustable in height.
The top is topped by a typical Art-Deco grading cornice containing a functional lighting system.
The base is made up of a solid mahogany-plated wooden box.
The backgrounds are mirrored – The glasses are old – A few small scratches and scratches on the shelves and doors.
Excellent original condition.
Quality showcase of one of the best manufacturers of the time.

Ancho : 112 cm.
Altura : 212 cm.
Profundidad : 36 cm.

Categoría : Glazed cabinets
Estilo : Art Nouveau
Epoca : 20th century

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