Le Goût de l'Antiquité
Le Goût de l'Antiquité

Secretary De Philippon & Lecoq For Degorre - Satin Ruban - 1957

Magnificent modernist secretary by Antoine Philippon and Jacqueline Lecoq edited by Degorre in 1957. Exceptional work in satin ribbon and lacquered metal. Modernist pearl, the work of Philippon and Lecoq is focused on minimalist and elegant lines. Their line of thinking combines a pure style and a focus on materials. This secretary discovers two interior drawers, 3 metal rods and a large clear space. In addition, it is an object of great quality both in terms of reflection and manufacture.

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Ancho : 120
Altura : 112
Profundidad : 45

Categoría : Desks
Estilo : Design
Epoca : 20th century

Precio : 4500

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