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Violon D'ingres

MACLET Elisée Painting 20th French School Paris View Of Montmartre The Sacré Coeur Oil Signed

MACLET Elisée ( 1881 / 1962 )
Paris view of Montmartre The Sacre Coeur seen for the street St Rustique.
Oil on cardboard signed lower left.
24 x 18,1 in
Literature : Bénézit - Elisée Maclet par M. Guicheteau et J. Cottel - Maclet le dernier Montmartrois par Martine et Bertrand Willot - Dictionnaire des peintres de Montmartre par André Roussard - 
MACLET Elisée Born on April 12th, 1881 to Lyons-en-Santerre , Dead on August 23rd, 1962 in Paris
Painter of landscapes, townscapes.
It was an abbot, a painter of Sunday, who taught him some rudiments of the oil painting. He came to settle in Montmartre in 1906 .Les writers Colette, Francis Carco, and the other personalities, an American dealer were interested in him. Max Jacob wrote on him. In 1933 he dût to be interned and never recovered completely from his mental disorders. He exposed in Paris in 1960. He painted the typical landscapes of the Mound of Montmartre, The Rabbit to Gill, Mill of The Pancake, House of Pussy Finch before Utrillo took them for subjects. After the first world war its views of Paris were worth to him a big success. By 1920 a rich amateur gave him the means of a long stay in the South of or he brought back landscapes of which the delight in front of the Mediterranean nature which they translated sometimes made evoke the name of Matisse.

Ancho : 46 cm
Altura : 61 cm

Categoría : Paintings
Estilo : Art Moderne
Epoca : 20th century

Precio : 6800

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