Violon D'ingres
Violon D'ingres

ROCHETTE Raymond 20Th century French painting Industrial painting Between wheel and brazier Oil on paper mounted on cardboard signed

Raymond ROCHETTE ( 1906 / 1993 )
Between wheel and brazier.
Oil on paper mounted on cardboard signed lower left and dated january 27 lower right.
14,96 x 18,11 in
Painting listed in the catalog raisonné.
Raymond ROCHETTE ( 1906 / 1993 )
Raymond Rochette was born on May 25, 1906 in the family home of "La Marolle", built by his grandfather. After schooling at the Schneider schools, he received the 1st entrance examination at the Ecole Normale de Mâcon and shared his life between two passions: pedagogy and painting.
After his military service in Morocco, he was quickly appointed teacher in a double class (child class and CP) that he will keep his entire career.
Until 1949, he is primarily a painter of rural scenes. For his first exhibition in Paris, at the Salon des Artistes Français, he is sponsored by Honoré Huggel and Jules Adler. He will participate frequently, but also in the salons of Autumn, Tuileries, Independents. His works are acquired by the state, the city of Paris and by various museums in France and abroad.
Son of an employee at the Creusot factories, he was fascinated by the world of heavy metallurgy from his childhood. From 1936 on, he repeatedly asked permission to paint in the factory. It was in 1949 that Charles Schneider allowed him.
From then on, he will tirelessly represent the tiny man in this gigantic and superb industrial environment.
Since 2006, centenary of its birth, many exhibitions are held in the Burgundy region, but also in Germany, at the head office of Arcelormittal in Paris. He participates with Maximilien Luce and Fernand Léger in the exhibition "artists at the factory" at the Belfort museum.

Ancho : 46 cm
Altura : 38 cm

Categoría : Paintings
Estilo : Art Moderne
Epoca : 20th century

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