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Violon D'ingres

MADELINE Paul French Painting 20Th Crozant School View Of The Gulf Of St Tropez Oil on canvas Signed

Paul MADELINE ( 1863 / 1920 )
View of the gulf of St Tropez.
Oil on canvas signed lower left.
21,2 x 25,6 in
Certificate of authenticity.
Paul Madeline was born in Paris on October 7, 1863. Student at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, he worked in a publishing house to live and painted urban landscapes in his spare time.
In 1894, he discovered the Creuse - a charming countryside in Limousin - following a meeting with Maurice and Leon Rollinat Detroy at a mutual friend.
He exhibited at the Salon of French artists in 1894, 1897 and 1899. Later he was appointed permanent member of the Salon d'Automne and the Salon of the National Fine Arts.
The success he obtained allows him to live his art since 1902.
He devoted himself entirely to painting and comes several months a year in the Creuse, usually in the fall. Major figure painters of the Creuse, Paul Madeline is as Alluaud, one emulated by Armand Guillaumin, drawing on his palette and his technique.
In 1908, he founded "The Modern Society," which includes painters such as Lebasque, Raffaelli, Aman and Maurice Chabas. Devambez the Durand-Ruel gallery and are invited to their annual exhibitions.
Madeline has traveled extensively in the 1910s and introduced toward the end of his career, some figures in his landscapes, wearing costumes, especially Brittany.
He died at age 57 on February 12, 1920 in Paris.
Le Salon des Independants him a retrospective in 1926.
"We admire its subtle impressionism, grace and delicacy with which he tames the wild Creuse", reveal the first critics to the public.
Madeline portrayed the French landscape with a light touch and rich colors. His paintings are comparable to the work of the famous post-impressionist painter Armand Guillaumin.
Although based in Paris, Madeline painted throughout the country, from the Mediterranean to Britain.
Towards the end of his career, Madeline introduced some figures in his landscapes wearing regional costumes, mostly from Britain.
Remarkably light, clarity and typical colors ( green moss and purple ) are significant of his painting.
Museums :
Chateauroux Gueret, La Châtre, Limoges, Nantes, Nice, Paris (Musée d'Orsay) Pau, Rouen ( Academy, Museum of Fine Arts ).

Ancho : 65 cm
Altura : 54 cm

Categoría : Paintings
Estilo : Art Moderne
Epoca : 20th century

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