Antiquites Lecomte
Antiquites Lecomte

Travel trunk of Pondicherry - XIXth

Travel trunk of Pondicherry in Camphor.
It opens with a lid embellished with a small central handle, rectangular brass recessed and this cover is retained by a stopper.
It closes with two original locks and their respective keys in good working order and a central plate cut to notch to allow the establishment of a padlock.
The interior is lined on the left side of a raised locker with a lid and surmounting 2 small drawers.
On the outside, its sides are fitted with brass handles and the edges and corners are reinforced with transverse brass plates.
Period: Late nineteenth.

Perfect condition after restoration, stripping and waxed patina in our workshop.

Length 88 cm - Depth 45 cm - Height 40 cm.

Ref. : 99 R

Categoría : Chests
Epoca : 19th century

Precio : 1300

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